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Versatility in layering

When it comes to clothing, we generally all know the basics, clothes are worn to protect us, keep us warm, keep us from scaring others by our bits flipping, flopping or flapping about and also it helps us define roles in social and working environments.

Clothing has many purposes, but knowing how to work with them isn't always easy. We are taught the basics of what to wear for different situations from our parents, who have a strong influence on our style in the early years, until we learn the word "NO" or " I WANT THAT ONE" and of course the art of throwing tantrums until we get it. At some point in those early years, you begin to be drawn towards items of interest and items we like,.

We start becoming our own person by experimenting with what we wear, some outfits/decisions that work amazingly well (despite what our parents say), other outfits/decisions that are terrible ideas, that require burning and erasing from the existence of our memories and never bringing up again.

Some of us will find our style naturally and rarely deviate from it, some won't wear anything unless it is selected for them, Others won't care for clothing (literally or hypothetically) seeing it as a means to an end for protection, warmth etc. There are some, that constantly play around with their style and experiment with it but never settling and finally there are some that have different styles that they use for different occasions/feelings and experiment with them individually or combined constantly evolving there overall style.

I have always experimented with my clothing, from an early there was a fascination within me towards period costumes, well dressed gentleman and even grungy gothic stylings. Which have most defiantly influenced my taste in clothing and my overall style. Often combing different elements of what i like into my own creative interpretation. Some of which have been fantastic successes, others been horrible disasters.

One thing I am a huge fan of is layering, Layering is one of the best ways of creating an interesting and adaptable outfit to carry you from leaving the house in the morning till you walk through the door in the evening. (Normally we would all be using our spare time to go off galavanting around interesting places, seeing friends and spending time doing things we enjoy so this is hypothetical).

Having a versatile outfit that can work for you from leaving home until returning is great if

you have a busy day ahead and don't have time to dash home to change.

The outfit i have shared with you today is a really simple, basic but great example of layering an outfit, that would be perfect for the ever erratic British climate, where one minute it can be glorious sun shine, the next pissing it down with gale force winds and back again.

The outfit consists of a large lightweight taupe plain scarf, relaxed casual blue blazer with brown buttons, a sandy coloured woven short sleeved patterned top, Slim cut dark washed denim jeans (with stretch) and two tone tan boots. All working together with by the colour palette, touches of browny/tans that tie across from the buttons of the jackets to the boots and of course the blues of the jeans and jacket. (Brand details at the bottom)

As the day goes on you can wear the scarf in different ways depending on how cold or warm you, or put it away until it is required again. The jacket can also but buttoned, unbuttoned or removed depending on temperature too (the lightweight top will allow you to heat up a bit more before having to remove your jacket). Having the jacket as part of your outfit is great for going for coffee, lunch or dinner if it is a slightly more formal setting, but if you are just having a quick drink or bite to eat in more relaxed surroundings the jacket can be removed and slung over your shoulder.

Despite how basic the the outfit is used to demonstrate, the concept can be transferred and changed for many different occasions and situations. For example from work to dinner, from coffee with friends to a special dinner date. You don't have to go home midway between situations to change, you still simply have to give your outfit careful consideration, and if you have a man bag with your even better for more possibilities.

Remember to experiment and have fun with what you are wearing. Don't be afraid to try new things.

Jacket and top by Pearly King- https://www.pearly-king.com

Jeans by River Island Man- https://www.riverisland.com/men

Scarf by Zara Man- https://www.zara.com/uk/en/man

Shoes by Carrucci- https://www.carrucci.com

See you soon everyone,

Yours stylishly,

Master Dandy

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