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Two suits, multiple outfits

Updated: Mar 28

Do you to be more savvy with your outfit choices, or get more use out of future purchases to maximise your wardrobe?

Then here is a handy tip/way to do it and it couldn't be easier..

Simply look for two suits, that contrast each other but work together in colour either tonally or sharp contrasts that work together.

For example a navy three piece suit with a beige three piece..

Below are a great example of that i am referring too.

The sharp navy suit is a perfect contrast with the tweed style suit, one of the reasons it works so well is that the tweed has touches of navy running through it which compliments the main suit...

The outfit options/combinations are as follow,

Full navy three piece or tweed suit worn as it comes (two complete looks),

Navy jacket and trouser with tweed waistcoat OR Tweed jacket and trouser with navy waistcoat (another two looks),

Navy jacket, waistcoat with Tweed Trousers OR Tweed jacket, waistcoat with navy trousers (another two looks)

Six of the most usable looks from two suits, but wait, there are still more options..

Navy jacket with tweed waistcoat and trouser OR Tweed jacket with Navy waistcoat and trouser (another two)

that is before you start playing around with different shirts and accessories, these looks would also work well with a light denim or dark denim jean giving you yet more looks, you can even wear the items as stand alone pieces too, just the jacket, waistcoat or trouser. Maximising the use of your garments to the fullest.

Its all about been clever and careful with what you purchase in the first place, Below are another two examples of how it can work, It only takes a minute to consider what is in your wardrobe when you are shopping. But if it helps, wear part of the garment you want to work with when you go shopping so you can match it up with something else

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