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TOP 5- Creative loves

Updated: May 26

For those who know me well, they know that I thrive on creativity, Its my biggest strength.

Whether it something simple like displaying objects to more in-depth projects, creativity is what makes me tick. So i thought it apt to share with you all what i LOVE the most and why as part of me launching my new ETSY shop- (yes this is a shameless plug to share my creative products with you) The etsy link is at the bottom of the blog

The top 5 creative loves, listed from 1-5 (1 is my all time favourite descending from there in favouritism)


From an early age I have enjoyed painting, probably more so than drawing. The satisfaction of painting and seeing it evolve from the first stroke of the brush to the finishing touches, is what i love the most. I generally paint using watercolours, generally known as a difficult medium to master, its one that i seem to be able to use with confidence and love to experiment with it by adding gouache, inks, and even acrylics.

-Favourite things to paint/draw- animals, fashion illustrations, portraits, interiors-


So this is definitely a strong contender to painting, I love interior design, from decorating to the styling/dressing of an interior space. You can do so much with a space and change the atmosphere so easily by the changes you make. Strongly inspired by period interiors from the 18th century-1940's i love to experiment with the different elements of design from those periods and mix it together. I would say my style is eclectic, masculine with touches of eccentricity and luxury.

-Favourite design styles- art deco, victorian-


Most people who follow my instagram would probably think that this would be number ONE on my list, but actually it is pretty much a secondary love to my other passions. I love working with garments in regards styling them, but something i love much more is designing garments. But with a lack of time i generally only get to experiment with styling, Luckily one good thing with the current lock down I am getting to actually design and MAKE some of my own clothes- which i can't wait to share with you

-Favourite styles- vintage & alternative -


This is something i found a love for early on in life like painting, it wasn't until i was a bit older that i got my first SLR when i really fell in love, having the ability to be able to take my own photos at college was exceedingly helpful in progressing my own work and been self sufficient going forward. Now i am and always will only be amateur photographer, I actually have NO interest in learning all the nitty gritty bits of shooting images and my basic editing skills still can turn out a decent image. So i am happy with that. The fact i understand composition helps in taking a decent photo.

-favourite subjects- objects, interiors, fashion-


Sewing, is something i have a LOVE/HATE relationship with, its my lesser skilled set in my set of skills. But non the less i utilise it to make garments, and other household bits. When things are going well i am a very happy chappy and love to start with a piece of random cloth and finish with a fully realised piece. HOWEVER when the tension goes, or the thread keeps snapping or the sewing machine just jams for the hell of it- then the air is blue with profanities and threats of throwing the machine out the F"ing window- hand sewing such as bead work and embellishing is definitely much more relaxing and enjoyable.

-favourite fabrics- velvet, jersey, silk-


There are so many creative things that i love to do, at university studying set design and costume i would spend hours creating little models which is something i really really loved, but doesn't really serve any current purpose. I also would love to create mixed media pieces of art from bits and pieces, often old vintage items that would be discarded and i would also say i enjoy crafting things like cards or little paper objects and up-cycling furniture and objects.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my TOP 5- creative loves-

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