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Time to grow

In 2018 I set up an Instagram account to share my style, interests, and above all, be true to myself without compromising. In that time it has grown from a few followers to over 10k, something that i never thought would be possible. (Mainly because I did not think people would be interested in what I was sharing)

How wrong I was!

I have truly found my Niche, which is why i have decided to set up this blog, somewhere I can share more informative posts and, as much as I love Instagram. It does have its limitations.

One think I will make completely clear from the beginning, because i know there are many Gramma & Spelling police out there.

Admittedly this may be a slightly pathetic first blog post, but I am an absolute novice to blogging, but I hope to get into my stride the more I post.

Yours stylishly,

Master Dandy

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