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Rich in Colour

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to colour, I for one prefer rich autumn colours like reds, burgundies, deep greens, mustards, rusty oranges, but i also enjoy rich blues, purples and what i would classify as "dirty" colour palettes.

I inject colour into what i wear, but when it comes to interiors this is where i like to really use colour. My partner and I discussed our initial thoughts for our living room colour, we both instantly gravitated towards Greens, Chris initially mentioned Khaki's and I mentioned mossy greens.

After researching colours (looking at endless paint cards and colour chips) we ended up going for a much richer deeper green, from B&Q Valspar range paint colour named "Bohemian Bliss".

TIP: Normally when i look at paint charts from places such as Farrow & Ball, I will take them along to B&Q and have the colour mixed using their own range. It works out much cheaper and you can still get the desired effect.

Thankfully the living room had clearly had a recent coat of white paint on the ceiling and skirtings. which made it a perfect and blank canvas to begin. After masking the areas that we wanted to retain the original colour, ( I say we, but much to my dismay Chris is stuck down south due lock down, but my beautiful friend is now residing with me until it is safe) we begin to paint around the skirtings, picture rail and any areas that would be tricky for the roller to reach with a inch brush. (see Gallery at the end of the blog) Once this had been completed around the room, we got to fill the larger spaces with the roller, this was instantly satisfying to see the transformation of the room happening.

After the first coat, it was time for a much needed cup of tea, with a chance to step back and see the overall impact of the colour, Which even with the patchy finish looked incredible. Impatiently we (well mainly I was impatient, I wanted to see what it looked like) waited till it was safe to apply the second coat. I was delighted with the results, it look stunning, setting off the dark wood of the fire surround beautifully. Removing the

masking tape ( We used Frog Tape) the crisp clean cut lines emerged, sadly the frog tape in parts was a little too good at adhering to the surfaces taking some of the white paint with it, however in a happy accident it revealed that the skirting boards are in fact dark wood underneath. We intend on restoring the skirtings, door and window bay to dark wood to add to the richness of the room. We will also be removing the carpe unearth the floor boards to be restored too.

Our Method may be a little "arse" first, but the house will be an ongoing project in which has to be liveable too. Another Job that will have to wait for now, is changing the fire insert and hearth from the modern marble finish to a green brick style tiling and maybe find a more appropriate gas fire basket that fits the style of the room.

The overall feel for the living room is a masculine yet elegantly rich space, one to loose many hours in front of the fire, listening to jazz and reclining on the chesterfield.

Below are some photos of the progress from start to finish.

Yours Stylishly,

Master Dandy

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