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No Milk here dear,

I have a massive sweet tooth, but having a milk allergy makes it difficult to buy off the shelf treats like cakes and biscuits... So stuck in isolation I wanted to make sure i could satisfy my urges for cake, cookies and all things naughty (food related that is)

The hardest challenge however has been getting hold of bloody flour, in any shape or form, it appears that every man and his dog has turned into contestants for the great British bake off. Fortunately i managed to get a few small bags, followed by some bigger bags sent by my partner and family. (BOOM in business)

Now, recipes for milk free cakes are easy to find, but also many recipes for cakes are adaptable by changing dairy ingredients to non dairy alternatives.. For instance I have used a Delia Smith All in one sponge cake recipe using soya milk and dairy free spread and they turn out really well (granted the texture is slightly different to what you may be expecting)

When i was looking for recipes i stumbled across a recipe for a "Water cake: A dairy-free, Egg-free, Magic cake" by The Petite Cook... Utterly intrigued, my first thought was it wasn't the most appealing sounding of cakes, but taking a quick look at the recipe, the ingredients needed and the time it took, I thought, "what the hell" let's give it a go. (click the photo for the link or see the link to the recipe at the bottom of the blog)

Ingredients ( as listed on The Petite Cooks Recipe)

  • 380 ml water 13.3 fl oz (UK)

  • 80 ml extra-virgin or vegetable olive oil 2.8 fl oz (UK)

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract or paste

  • 370 gr all purpose flour 13 oz

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • 240 gr sugar 8.4 oz

  • 4 tbsp cocoa powder optional

As you can see the list of ingredients is not a huge amount to find, which is great when you have limited supplies. The recipe states that it takes 5 minutes preparation time and 40 minutes cooking, The latter is certainly correct, but the former was s little optimistic unless you are an octopus or super efficient in the kitchen. Sadly I am neither and needed a bit longer than five minutes (like in the bedroom, all good things need a bit longer than five minutes in preparation for superb results)

Following the instructions, I weighed the ingredients out precisely and begin to follow the instructions, admittedly i lost a little time idly watching the water and oil combine, if you are a magpie like me and like shiny things this may distract you too.

The recipe is exceedingly easy to follow, and takes very little effort to put it all together so this is a plus side for people with a lack of time on their hands once the world returns to some form of normality.

In the oven it went, whilst shouting "HEY SIRI, SET A TIMER FOR 40 MINUTES". Now it was time to clean up, make a much needed cup of tea and put my feet up for a bit whilst it baked.

I checked on it midway and all was looking good, as it reached it time i tested it with metal skewer and it was perfectly done.

As you can see by mine the top isn't as smooth and perfectly formed like the one created by the professional, Mine vaguely resembles an angry yet crusty pimple. Luckily having enough spare mixture to create a little sample cake, I was able to sample the cake before dressing the main one. The cake has a nice firm yet springy texture, whilst my edges were on the crusty side (I am not sure that they are meant to be but it was still good), The chocolate flavour is very subtle, You may be able to ramp up the chocolates intensity by adding more coco powder when mixing it.

I was pleasantly surprised, But i did feel it needed something more to give it a bit more oomph, So i made a simple chocolate Glaze and smothered the outer in it (hiding the gaping crater)

Using about 2 table spoons of dairy free spread, and roughly 58 grams of dark chocolate

(again milk free) gently heating together in a sauce pan until they melted into a smooth runny form. Quickly transferring it into a mixing bowl, I swiftly sifted a cup of icing sugar into the chocolate and began to mix by hand until it evenly combined and thickened up. Using between one-two table spoons of Boiling water, you mix this in gradually until you reach the constancy you prefer, the more added the runnier the glaze. If you find your glaze is too running quickly add some more icing sugar to firm it up again.

Now that the glaze was ready it was time to pour in on the cake and add that layer or dirty richness I was craving for. There is nothing more opulent than gooey rich chocolate, with a side helping of chocolate and dollop of dairy free ice cream (I used Swedish Glaze ice cream)

As you can see, This is now a not just any water cake, it is dirty rich opulent water cake, oozing chocolatey goodness.

I hope you enjoyed reading, to try this recipe I have attached The Petite Cooks direct link for the water cake below, check our the other amazing recipes too.

Recipe & website link:


Time for me to go and be alone with my cake.

Yours Stylishly,

Master Dandy

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