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TOP 4- Casual Brands-

I thought I would do a shout out to some of my favourite brands that I wear and can be a true testimonial for, rather than sharing brands that I just like the look of but don’t wear.

This Top five is mostly aimed towards my casual stylings, and are mostly affordable.


My all-time favourite and very affordable brand is Zara, The fact that the clothing ranges change on a very regular basis and are always pushing the stylings of the clothing is a huge bonus for me. One day it can be full of dark urban style and the next ultra-slick. You are always in for a treat. There are very few occasions that I go in without leaving with something. Admittedly the shop floor can look a little like a tee-shirt cannon went off, but that is more down to people inconsiderately dumping things anywhere and acting like a pack of wild wolves looking for its dinner.

Some have mentioned sizing having been off putting from Zara, but I find with any brand It is always best to try on a range of sizes and just find the one that fits the best. (It’s not always an exact science)



So I Fell in love with this brand a while ago, when I little boutique menswear. I became more familiar with the brand when I met with the company as a stockist of the brand and I have to say, The clothing is superb, the detailing, the cloths they use and the designs. A-MA-ZING. Accruing many pieces over the time period of stocking the brand, I can honestly say hands down that I would wear so much more of this brand if I had the money too. It is a little bit on the pricier side, that said, the quality and stylings are worth every penny.

Fit wise this brand is mainly a slim cut style, with some oversized pieces, but generally they are true to size and cater well for tall chaps like me. (again, don’t be afraid to try different sizes)



This is my go to off the peg shirt company when they ask me, The have a great offer when you buy four shirts, and often run additional promotions and offers. I love the quality and crisp styles of the shirts, and that they offer several different body fits and lengths. Having sampled a range of their formal and casual shirts, I can say with confidence that I love them both, specially their NON IRON shirts, they are superb.

Fit wise, you pretty much can achieve any fit you desire, to do so I would advise visiting your local branch to do so, Then for future orders I tend to take advantage of the online offers. Mainly because I have no Local branches.



This brand is well known, it’s certainly affordable and a little like zara they keep playing with their styles/trends, Generally I don’t buy a huge deal of clothing from River island, But what I do buy is there Jeans. I love their Jeans, they wear well, wash well, retain shape and are generally range from £25-£50. The Style I go for is the Dylan, which is a ‘slim cut’ in a long as I prefer to wear them further towards my natural waist then hanging off my arse.


Whilst I have shared some of my favourite brands in today’s blog, I have a tendency to be drawn to all-sorts of clothing, the above brands are my ‘GO TO’ but when it comes to seeing something that catches my eye (which is frequently) I will go and explore it and find out more. There are certain styles and brands I absolutely love but are so far out my price range I would have to whore myself out for several years just to get close.

One thing I love is a bargain, It makes things so much sweeter knowing it was once X amount and is now yours for a fraction of the price. This Is how I have so many clothes, Clothes are my addiction, I could probably survive an apocalypse and still want new clothes.

T.K.Maxx is superb for brand bargains, providing you aren’t easily put off by the seemingly endless rails, often crammed arrangements and the utter carnage left by other customers. There has been several times, when encountering another on the same rail and you are both eyeing each other’s moves to see what each other have and making sure you are the one to find the treasure on that rail before they do. All whilst fiercely swiping through the hangers like a deranged bounty hunter. (Ahhh pre-locked down memories)

Well on that note I am now off to feed another addiction and stuff my face with some homemade dairy free scones with lashings of Jam…

Hope you have Enjoyed,

Take care,

Yours Stylishly,

Master Dandy

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