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Master Dandy Bakes- Milk free scones

Okay so the way to my heart is through my belly, I love food and I love to cook/bake.

I wanted to share a little bit of Joy with you all that is so easy and quick to make and brings me a lot of happiness in the making and eating of them.

The ingredients to make amazing scones

350g of self-raising flour

1 tea spoon of baking powder

85g of Vitalite (dairy free)

3 table spoons of caster sugar

175ml of soya milk

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract

100g of dried mixed fruit

1 beaten egg to glaze the tops

What do with the above ingredients


Before you start anything, get that bloody oven on… If you have an electric oven you will need to heat it too 220c, if your electric oven has a fan you will need to heat it too 200c, if you are cooking on gas you will need to set it to gas mark 7. If you need help, you may not be advisable to be let loose in the kitchen at this point.

Now, to make this quick and easy, prepare two baking trays. To do this, simply cut sheets of baking parchment to line the bottom of each tray, helps prevent sticking but also reduces cleaning (I am all for an easy life)


You will need a large bowl for this bit, tip all the flour into the bowl along with baking powder, butter and mixed fruit. Get those hands stuck in and rub all those ingredients together until it looks crumby with fruity lumps in (admittedly it’s not the nicest thing to stick your hands in, but there could be worse)

Make a well in the middle of the crummy mixture, (You might want to give your hands a quick wash at this point) now pour the soya milk into the well and mix everything together using a big silicone baking spoon until its evenly mixed. It starts of very sloppy at first with risk of splash back, but it soon firms up the more your mix.


Time to scatter some flour over your work top, if you wish to do it with a little flourish you can. Plop your mixture into the middle of it and cover your hands in a bit of the flour too, (try not to sneeze at this point otherwise you will look like you have addiction)

Fold the mixture 2-3 times amongst the flour until it becomes a smoother constancy, Don’t be afraid to pop a bit more flour down if it gets a bit to claggy (aka sticky)


Now that the mixture is ready to go, you have two options for next bit.

If you have obsessive compulsive tendencies you might be best with following method,

Grab a rolling pin, give it a quick covering of flour and roll the mixture out evenly to roughly 4cm depth and use a 5-6cm cutter for nice even scones.

If you have not bothered about having uniform scones and prefer a bit more of a rustic scone, make even sized balls from the mixtures and flatten them out a bit.

Now you have formed your scones from one of the above ways pop them onto the prepared baking trays and quickly beat up your egg (by beat up I mean get a fork and whisk them quickly, don’t literally beat the egg up that just mean), smear the tops of the scones with the beaten egg which will give them a nice glaze


Time to stick them In the oven to bake, normally they take 10-15 minutes MAX, this all depends on how good (or bad) your oven is, If in doubt just keep an eye on them and check that they have risen and the top has gone a golden colour, this is when they are ready to come out (If they have turned black you’ve burnt them)


The best and most satisfying step, your scones are now ready to devour.. Best way to have them is with a cup of tea, split open your warm scone using a knife, spread a nice layer of gooey jam on and shove them in your gob!!!

From this recipe you roughly get 8 decent sized scones, If you are not a greedy sod like me, you might want to freeze half of them for a later date.. However they do not last that long with me.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and even give it a try. They are honestly super good and very moreish.

Yours stylishly

Master Dandy

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