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Make the effort

Most people will be wearing comfy clothing and not putting as much effort into their appearances as they normally would.. After all, who we trying to impress? the spiders lurking in the corner? the delivery man who now has to drop your parcel on the step, run to a safe distance and wait till you open the door before he runs off?! (I know I look rough at the moment but there is no reason to run away)

At the moment all concept of time seems to have been shattered, no sooner do I feel like I am starting the day and the day is over?! Yet prior to lock down, time often seem to DRAAAGGG on and on...

Whilst it is easy to get up and throw on the same comfy top and bottoms as yesterday (and perhaps the day before that) run past the mirror to avoid seeing your hair and start the day. But I have quickly realised that this is not good for how you feel about yourself . I honestly miss getting dressed properly to go out, then I realised why am I missing it when I can just make the effort regardless if i am at home all day or not.

Do I miss dressing up for other people? NO I DO NOT. Do I miss taking pride in my appearance?? YES I DO.

I enjoy making the effort in my personal appearance for me, for my mental health, for

helping me face the day. Clothing is my armour, Depending how I dress is often determined by my mood. If down or struggling I tend to turn to very dark colour palettes and style. If feeling happy my style is often more playful. When content I tend to where a lot more colour.

I have continued to make the effort in how I dressed whilst on lock down, granted this does not mean wearing full suits, but slipping on my jeans, a shirt, waistcoat etc. It really helps start the day on a more positive note.

Why not use this time to play around with your style and play around with outfit options? try some combinations you may not have been brave enough to go out in and wear if for the day to see how it feels?

Anyway, i have rambled enough for one day..

Hope you are all taking care and staying safe.

Yours Stylishly,

Master Dandy

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