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Don't be afraid of colour

Updated: Mar 28

In tailoring there are three colour suits that are always exceedingly popular and well used.

Firstly are Blue suits one of the most popular colours, from dark Navy to lighter blues, these are most commonly used and suit a wide range of skin tones, without needing to worry to much about complexion to much, but like all colours you have warmer and cooler tones, so always dress to which suit your tone.

Secondly are Grey suits, again from Dark charcoal to light greys, most used for as business/corporate attire in the darker shades, but the lighter colours also lend themselves nicely towards wedding and occasion attire. Greys are a little trickier in regards complexions, you have the warmer and cooler greys like with all colours. I Find the lighter greys can really wash a persons complexion out, so i tend to use mid to darker greys for

clients, although the there will be situations you can counter lighter suits by using darker accessories and accents to enrich the suits look.

Thirdly are black suits, these are used for a range of occasions, from business attire, to more slightly sombre occasions, or on the flip side formal occasions. Personally i love a black suit as it is a classic and it all depends on the cut and styling of the suit to how it looks. like with all suits, there are suits and there are suits....

Another colour that is often used in tailoring are browns, they tend to be more country style and tweed orientated, but are superb for mixing things up bit for business, leisure and special occasions. Over the past few years, tweed styles from dark brown to tans have taken off in the wedding market for more rustic stylings, which is refreshing to see from the slightly dated top hat and tails look. It also gives you a much more personal touch and style to your occasion.

Colours that are under used in tailoring but you should absolutely explore (if you are brave enough and if they suit your complexion) are the following,

Greens, forest greens are proving very popular to mossy greens when speaking to clients.

Tweeds cloths are often used with greens and look superb, it also lends itself to your generic tailoring cloths too for a sharper look. It's slightly unfortunate that it's not as available from suppliers as we would like, but its great offering custom tailoring are there is an amazing range of greens to use.

Oranges, okay so i am not referring to neon orange here. I am talking about your rusty/burnt oranges, moving towards the rich tans. This isn't a colour for everyone, but it certainly packs a punch and looks incredible on the right people. Even if you haven't to the confidence to pull off a full suit, its a great accent to use against brown, blues and greens.

Reds, again, from bright red down to rich burgundies, these colours look incredible on. much richer and can really warm an outfit up. For example the outfit below looks fantastic

with the silver grey under it to break up the colour.

Obviously there are many, many other colours out there to play with, and providing you know your complexion and what suits it, you should play around with colour where you can. Life should be about expressing yourself, your style and what you love. It is easy to go towards blues, greys and blacks. Just remember there is a whole colouring box of colours to play with.

Hope you have enjoyed reading,

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