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Most of us have been incarcerated within our homes due to the worldwide pandemic for sometimes now (I am not sure how long any more). Some fortunate to have work to keep them occupied, others furloughed or unable to do what they love to do, others enjoying a much needed break from the stresses and strains of work.

Everyone has managed to find ways of filling in the time, whether it be baking, decorating, indulging in sofa marathons watching Netflix. Others have managed to rekindled with passions such as painting, designing or making.

Well you guessed it, I have rekindled with my passion for painting & designing, normally I don't have the time to invest in them. So I am really taking FULL advantage of every moment. Whilst in the first month of lock down I was a bit all over the place, attempting to decorate our new home, baking like I was auditioning to replace Mary Berry and generally doing all sorts. But for some reasons I was avoiding getting too creative.

I think like everyone else, my brain just needed a break from the world, It was went I went to unpack and create a little place to house all my art supplies, I began to get the overwhelming stirrings (like the type you get in your pants, but in your creative brain instead) to start creating again.

For some time I have wanted to diversify and set up my own sideline business along the family business, One that would indulge my creativity fully, without compromise and create a range of products for others to enjoy. To be honest It is something I always envisaged for myself, but I am glad that It is now that I am finally taking the bull by the horns, taking the once dreams & ideas and turning them into a reality.

I have been working on an exciting brand of my own. This has involved deciding the overall concept, type of products I would want to create, what market it would appeal to, along with looking at the logistics of how to set it all up and run it. The brand name (which will remain a secret for now) has come from my mixture of my British and Italian heritage. Inspiration for the designs are drawn from a range of subjects from antiques, vintage fashion, architectural details and wildlife, whilst adding lashings of whimsy.

One thing thing that was incredibly important to me, was creating products that would be made in the UK. This doesn't come without its challenges, but luckily I have built an amazing network of contacts and knowledge to do so. My intention is to create beautiful whimsical designs, that are not only eye catching, but have versatility to create a range of products that are beautifully made, stylish and bring out the inner child in us all.

I am delighted to share with you the very first samples of my labours, all the designs created all from original watercolours, which are then turned into designs. The designs can be changed and altered with different background colours and also applied to a huge range of products, but for the sample pieces, I opted for the most worn item of clothing known to man- The humble teeshirt- made from a beautiful super soft jersey, it feels incredible and the designs really POP.

I would be delighted to know what you think of the designs and sample teeshirts in this post, I am currently working on a wide ranges of designs to create a 'LOOK BOOK', whilst the products are not currently available to purchase. You can register your interest in them by commenting on the post. There is a Gallery at the bottom of the three samples, please excuse the model (after all I am on a very, tight budget and sadly my delivery man declined modelling for me)

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