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A smile can mean so much

Updated: Mar 29

It is easy to got caught up in the modern world where rudeness and manners have seemingly been replaced with frosty exteriors and bad attitudes.

I Partly think it is due to how fast life passes by, the pressures and demands people are under along with the “Me First” society that contribute to an aloof attitude. Understandably we all have bad days, stress gets on top of us, bad things happen that lower our moods and can make us distant and wanting to avoid human contact or interaction.

Some people are just simply rude and believe they are privileged to do as they please without considering how some one may feel.

Something that has always and will always stay with, almost like a personal Motto Or ethos is the saying “treat others the way you wish to be treated“

I was brought up to always say please and thank you, be grateful and considerate, loving and compassionate.

There are times when i would love to scream at people who just seem to think it is okay to be demanding beyond reason and i am guilty for pulling people up for incredible rudeness.

for example, when people barge into you or at you, glare at you (me been stupid will always step aside) but don’t even say thank you or apologize. Where i feel i am always apologizing for others rudeness.

Anyway i digress, despite my waffling I am slowly getting to the moral of my blog.

When i was 18 i was diagnosed with cancer, it was a Huge and unbelieved shock. My very mortality was threatened. Somehow i managed to stay strong and fight, but it wasn't until after treatment finished that it really hit, the gravity of the situation and experience.

Overwhelmed, i crumbled into an isolated world of depression, the best way i could describe how i felt and often feel like you are in a room crowded with people.. everyone interacting, laughing, carrying on with life as normal, but you are there, in the middle. In a bubble that isolates you and makes the sounds around you seem distorted and muffled. No one can see you, hear you or even sense you. You feel alone.

Despite incredible support of family and friends, they hadn't experienced what you had... They experienced the by-product of your own experience.

It’s through this time i noticed small things, like the kindness of strangers, the effect of someone who you had never met had when they smiled at you or treated you with respect. Like you mattered and exsisted..

That made me realize i wasn’t alone, and those small gestures that cost nothing, meant so much more to me than they would ever realise. It was this that made me think about others and how they may be feeling, that if there was anything i could do, to bring a bit of welcome sunshine to someones day it was worth every muscular movement in my face to do so.

Remember, Manners, kindness and a smile cost absolutely nothing. But can give so much to the receiver.

smile, and make others smile.

yours sincerely,

Master Dandy

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