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A modern day Gentleman,

Updated: Mar 28

From an early age, I have been fascinated in period dramas, from bygone eras of style, sophistication, etiquette and romance.

As I was growing up I was giving an invaluable saying "always treat others, the way you would wish to be treated"

It made me sit down and really consider how i would like to be treated, with kindness, compassion, caring, loving, happiness to name just a few. When watching old films and period dramas, I began to notice how gentleman acted, the manners, the greetings, how they would open doors and give up seats.

This was something i felt a connection with, naturally developing my own personality, that is open, kind and heartfelt, whilst attempting to bring happiness to others with my sense of humour (which is admittedly a little smutty at times) But i believe that it is my modern element to been a gentleman.

Now that i have rambled about my personality the other element of my gentlemanly ways, would be in the way i dress, I love clothing and always have. Experimenting with my personal style over the years i have found what works well for me and what doesn't. Tailoring has become my safety net, owning a silly amount of jackets, blazers, waistcoats and shirts I have now found i feel uncomfortable and naked when only wearing a teeshirt. I have a healthy amount of jeans, which are an amazing staple to any Modern gentleman's wardrobe, especially when mixed with a well tailored top half.

The reaction you receive when dressing well, is amazing. At first i mistook the glances and looks as negative, until people started coming up to me and telling me they liked what i was wearing, that it was refreshing to see someone dressed well. It was a huge boost to my self esteem and found i was taken much more seriously which intern grew my confidence.

It is definitely a combination of things that makes a Gentleman, personality, attentiveness, how you dress and act, but in this modern world we live, it is great to play with the concept and give it our own interpretation. Like everything in life, it is what you make of it and how you implement that really makes a difference.

The Image was taken at the stunning Newburgh Priory near Thirsk, by the beautiful and talented Emma Ryan Photography, she captured the image at a networking event.

I was wearing a superb tailored two piece suit by Gibson London, worn with a contrast waistcoat by Pearly King Official, Shirt by Olymp and accessories by Knightsbridge neckwear..

(I have attached links below) everything except the shirt was provided by Dandy Threads






I Hope you have enjoyed the new post, I am already planning the next one, which will be about a brilliant new brand.

Yours Stylishly,

Master Dandy

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