Hello there, I am Master Dandy, a proud gay dandy gentleman blogger of arts, fashion, design and my journey in life. 

From an early age I have expressed a passionate interest in art & design,  starting my Journey at fashion college. Enjoying every single second, developing skills and creating the ground work for my future. 

All set for to head to a well-known London university, my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18, everything suddenly had to change. Another passion and interest I had was routed in costume, set design and interiors, so I quickly made plans to do a costume and set design course close to home. 

Admittedly I lost my way a little through university with everything going on, but continued to develop my skills for both fashion, set design and even interiors, whilst exploring fashion styling avenues for independent talent and photography agencies. I also was independent in the fact I spent my spare time designing and produced garments, along with styling for female clients, whilst expressing my own personal style (never realizing the value of my own style). 

Once I had completed my education, I became the buyer and visual merchandiser for the  family business, which at the time was a Ladies clothing and interiors shop, after a year we decided to explore a new avenue by opening a menswear shop, which rapidly developed into a successful independent business and took over from the ladies and interiors department which we phased out over the last two years, to solely focus on every elements of men’s tailoring from ready to wear garments, to custom garments. 


Despite my background been in ladies fashion, it is now very apparent I have found my niche, one I am absolutely passionate about and have a natural aptitude towards.

Along my journey I have always maintained my love of creativity, from painting, designing, making, styling, decorating and even crafting. These are things that have helped me through the darkest and happiest times and are always a constant love throughout. 


The purpose of, is to share with you my  Hobbies, interests, explorations and also my story, from the highlights or the dark times and all the bits in-between. 


After all we all have our stories to tell, but some are too scared to do so, my hope is that I can encourage others to share their stories or at the very least help them, in knowing that they are NOT alone. 

I hope you enjoy 

Yours Sincerely, 

Master Dandy 

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